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Silver Apples Retreat 2018

Silver Apples Magazine wants you to come to their first week long artists retreat. We are sure you have a lot of questions.

Such as...

Where is it going to be?

We have rented a house in Liscannor Co. Clare that looks out over the ocean. There will be plenty of room for writing, creating, eating, and sleeping.

How much will it cost?

The retreat will go for six days and five nights and cost each participant 250 euro.

What am I paying for?

You mean besides the pleasure of our company? The 250 euro covers the cost of the week, no more and no less. This isn't for profit, this is just something we have been wanting to do for a while. We hope to run more of these, but we want everyone who attends this event to know they are the guinea pigs. The money will pay for the renting of the house, the kitchen will be stocked with enough food to keep you alive for the week, and any bills that we run up while in the house.

Breakfast and Lunch basics (cereals and sandwich ingredients) along with tea and coffee will be provided. Dinner will be served to the group every night at 7.

What's the schedule?

Look, everyone is a grown up. Get up when you want to get up, sleep when you want to sleep, work when you want to work. We recognise that not all people work well at the same times of day, but in general, the house will be quiet from 9 to 6 every day. Ideally, in the evening we will sit and chat about what we are working on, offering advice and feedback where asked.

How many participants will there be?

The number can vary from 10 to 16. You will have a bed of your own, but you may be sharing a room. The week won't go ahead unless we have at least 8 people.

What can I work on?

Anything you want. Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Illustration, Song Writing, Painting, Fashion Design, Photography, Throat Singing. You bring whatever you need to create and we will provide a space for that to happen.

What about alcohol?

It's going to be a BYOB situation, but try to remember why we are there. And also ask yourself, how well do you work when you have the fear?

What's in it for you guys?

To be honest, our work will benefit from this week as much as yours. We hope to publish some of the work that is created during this week in a future issue of Silver Apples, but we aren't too bothered, we really just want to sit and create with some awesome people.

How do I get in on that???

Email your interest to silverapplesmag@gmail.com or send us a private message on FB.

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