'I like your Manifesto. Put it to the testo' - The Sultans of Ping FC

Silver Apples Magazine is the brainchild of Gráinne O'Brien and Alex Dunne. They had a vision to create a magazine that would show off new and emerging talent alongside established artists. Initially intended to be a magazine that published just literature, they soon became consumed with the idea of creating something that published all forms of artistic talent. From that, Silver Apples Magazine was born.

We accept any genre and any medium. If you wish to submit something, but are unsure about whether we will like it, PLEASE SUBMIT IT! We have found some of our favourite pieces in emails that have started with sentences like, 'I am not sure this will fit...' or 'I haven't been able to find the right place to submit this...' 

We don't require things to be profound or 'well written'. While we like pieces that could be considered 'literary', we also want things that entertain us, that make us laugh, that take us on a journey. Resulting from this, we are open to submissions from any genre - Fantasy, Sci Fi, Detective, Horror, and yes, literary too. If we love your piece and it works with our theme we will publish it, no matter how experienced you are.

We are the magazine you can pick up and read on the bus, the one that makes you laugh out loud and turns you into the crazy person no one wants to sit next to. The magazine that you can recommend to a friend and bond over, perhaps even creating a little fan club where you meet once a month to discuss how amazing it is... We all have dreams guys.

We want the creativity we exhibit in this magazine to consume you, the way it consumes us.